14 Oct 2016

Unique Characteristic of Rainwater Soakaway Crates

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With the constant requests on cooperation from foreign customers, our products have been exported to other countries since 2013 and also got the unanimous praise from the dealers and customers in the US, Australia, Europe and Southeast Asia. The rainwater soakaway crates GS TANK series even passed the inspection of American’s TRI testing institution, its quality level should be higher than that of foreign counterparts. Below is the unique characteristics of GS Tank.

Outlines Characteristics of GS Tank
1.The original space could be recycled, thus to save the space accordingly.
2.Quite low cost.
3.Optimized water storage efficiency.
4.Quick installation, saving the time and improving the construction schedule.
5.Do not need the post maintenance.

Structure Characteristics of GS Tank
-95% hollow space, with the sufficient utilization and realizing the fasting water storage, the water can be flowed through the modules freely.
-Fully utilizing the dynamics and logistics principles, with a large number of applications if “triangle’s stability”, and the round shape could resist the stretch and extrusion accordingly.
-Uniquely using the hollow circular column at the key supporting points, both saving the space and improving the load capacity
-Distributing the loaded weight on to all the plates, fully utilized the effect of each plate.
-The preserved socket and ports among the plates bring the convenience for quick installation.
-The connected locker hole between each module can connect the adjacent plates closely by coordinating with small accessories, to reinforce the firmness f the whole plates.

The Unique Characteristics of GS Tank
-With the use of high-purity regenerated PP polypropylene, to reach the service life more than 40 years.
-No precipitate after soaked in water, odorless, and with the ultra strong property of anti-strong acid and anti-strong alkali.
-Multiple sizes could adapt to the demand of different engineering(the height of modules 250mm, 450mm, 500mm, 530mm, 700mm).
-Certified by American TRI testing institution, meeting the HS-20 standard in US market.
-Bearing capacity in even 35tons/sqm, much higher than the 25tons/sqm as well as the other peers.
-Being purchased widely by international customers, mainly exported to the US, Europe and Australia.


Along with constant innovation and development for many years, our company’s technical group had the abundant experiences with reasonable professional deployment. Whatever the R&D for products and design & construction, we can make all the efforts to pursue the perfect results accordingly. Welcome to contact us for rainwater harvesting module if you need.

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  1. With your hole now lined you can now place your soakaway crate in, but just before you do you will notice that on one end of the crate there is a circular inlet area.


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