02 Mar 2018

Waterlogging Caused by Destroying the Ecosystem

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Why urban waterlogging disasters caused by the heavy rainfall increased? The root cause is rapid urban development and construction. It has adapted numerous rigid materials for pavement during the development process. Fields and woods turned into roads and roofs that altered the terrestrial plumbing. Beyond that, damming, requisition of forestland, filling the lakes, adding cover plates on watercourses, altering open ditch to underdrain, these measures are decreasing the overflowing capacity of city. The city development has destroyed the ecological system during development by occupying natural landscape, as a result, the water-holding capacity has been weakened. City construction has brought us industrial estates, development zone, and residential areas, all of them are mainly paved with rigid material.
Waterlogging Caused by Destroying the Ecosystem
The main reason of water shortage in urban areas is concrete surface throughout the city. Woods, lawn, lakes and wetlands were helpful for water conservation but now all turns into concrete surface and the water circulation into natural has been cut off. The only way of dealing with rainwater is now drains them as the sewage and we are losing our groundwater. Solving the problem of scarcity should follow the truth of the nature. Improving the drainage system should giving priority to rainwater harvesting and drainage by nature force.

Waterlogging Caused by Destroying the Ecosystem
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