30 Dec 2014

What Are The Leiyuan Infiltration Modular Tanks?

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Infiltration, detention and recycling modular tanks from Leiyuan are at the forefront of rainwater management. With them, rainwater is locally collected, treated and reused, so does not need to be concentrated in one point to get driven later to a final point where it is discharged into the sea or non treated water courses causing water pollution.

Our Leiyuan rain harvesting system is ecological, totally modular and adaptable to any situation, whether it is the collection, the treatment or the storage of rainwater for its reuse.

Leiyuan infiltration modular tanks are prefabricated modular systems made of four small inner panels with plug pins, and four large plates with embedded plug holes.

These box-shaped structures are joined to each other and sequentially settled.

They are made of recycled polypropylene, what makes them resistant to chemical products and bacterial attack. Their lifespan is 50 years. Benefits of infiltration modular tanks on the economical and efficient rainwater management:

  • They provide engineering solutions in environmentally sensitive areas.
  • It is the system with the lowest cost in the market.
  • It does not generate flow (so large flow diameter pipes do not need to be installed).
  • They provide cost savings in maintenance and security (sinks or cleaning are not needed).
  • Cost savings in machinery, since they do not use heavy equipments when excavations have to be done. Tanks are installed manually.
  • It is a system with fast and easy assembling and installation processes.
  • It totally solves the problem of nutrient discharge to waterways through rainwater.
  • Provides a solution in the dropping point, without moving the problem to a remote final point.
  • It avoids the problem of stagnant water, thus avoiding problems like mosquitoes’ growth and spread.
  • It allows rainwater to refill aquifers in the dropping points.
  • This product requires much smaller volume than others to store the same quantity of water, so there will be more remaining land surface, available for other use.

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