14 Jul 2015

What Is Rainwater Harvesting?

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Harvesting rainwater comes to using different technologies to get, store and provide this kind of water. It is extremely well known in many countries but somehow using is it for example in bangladesh is very small. Researches found that in most of the people do not realize that the rainwater is good to drink, use and even stored for future use. The survey is say results show that people know about contamination of arsenic in pipes typically used to drain wells. Again some people do not know that using water that contains arsenic for a bath is not harmful for health. In the same time a knowledge that rainwater can be used in a household in the same way as the one that comes from your sink.

The same study shows that it is necessary to make rainwater more known as an alternative source of drinking and cooking water. Building up awareness and preparing courses on the ways of storage can help user to use this cheap water. Typical rainwater storage system includes few segments that: push the water through pipes, filter out and then storage it. The components that make a great job are rainwater harvesting modular, automatic drainage device, automatic filter and drainage service, frequency conversion control cabinet, membranes, non-woven geotextiles, plastic drainage plate, cable protection board etc.

Rainwater harvesting can provide a way to create a type of culture in which people would be using planet’s resources in a proper and effective way. It is also an answer for ecological disasters and lack of water in many countries. Such a system of not only getting but also conserving water would be answer for a local logistics and give provide an alternative supply that would preserve local law. In addition using it can server to keep the balance in natural rivers by keeping their flows during dry periods.


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