12 May 2015

Why Green Roofs Are The Way Forward?

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Green roof systems are an extension of the present roof with additional high quality water proofing, roof repellent systems, drainage system, filter cloth, a lightweight growing medium and plants. They are the way forward for experimental and eco-friendly people & businesses as it provides an environment for wildlife and retains rainwater to help reduce the risk of flooding. It helps to keep the building warm during winter and cool in summer too.

Advantages of Green Roofs

Architects have been extensively used green roof system in all kinds of buildings because they look good and are very functional at the same time. In fact, some cities like Chicago promotes them and Toronto have mandated this. These green roofs are a great example to reveal that functionality and good looks can exist together without compromising on any one, contrary to the common belief. Nottingham Trent University conducted a research study before and found out that the temperature beneath the membrane of a normal home roof fluctuates about 0.2 to 32 degree Celsius and in green roofs the variation is about 4.7 to 17.1 degree Celsius, which further emphasizes their benefits.

These green roofs can reduce the impact of noise on the inner side of the building and can reduce the external noise effects also. At the same time, by using drainage sheet with non-woven fabric they can contribute more and act towards the revolutionary conservation path. They trap and filter rain water. Green roof system increase the life period of roof and provide a habitat for insects, birds and small animals. They clean out the pollutants present in the air like filter.

Reduced Energy Expenditure with Green Roofs

The layers of the green roof systems generally contain plants, filter fabric, growing medium, insulation, and a waterproof membrane. The layers of the roofs may differ, which depends on the location and structure of your home or office. They reduce the energy expenditure of the building and they are good for the environment too. When space has become a constraint and not everyone can have a green patch or garden in the house, green roofs add greenery to the environment and are a good option especially in the present times. They also help reduce the pollution level in the house and also protect the building from extreme heat or rather extreme temperatures. All of this while reducing your energy expenditure. Therefore, they are definitely the way forward.

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