09 Aug 2016

Why Plastic Grass Grid is Better Than Cement Grass Brick?

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With the improvement of people’s living standard, almost every family has their own car. So, the parking lot demand is growing bigger and bigger.

What kind of parking lot can bring us more benefit and low cost? Cement grass brick or plastic grass grid? This article will show you the answer.

First of all, let me introduce something about Leiyuan plastic parking grass grid to you.

Leiyuan plastic parking grass grid is made from HDPE (high-molecular polyethylene) with fiber and age resistor, using high pressure to inject plastic to form bee nest-like shaped shell, with stereo space and support level.

Leiyuan grass grids are environmentally friendly in design, function and materials. Many plastic grass grid parking on the market lack the strength necessary to last and absorb high levels of traffic; not so with our honeycomb and unique interlocking design. This product provides amazing stability, grass protection and a sustainable drainage model as well as providing the visual and natural effect of a grass paver.

Compare between cement grass brick and hdpe grass grid:

Cement grass brick: low intensity, easy to crack, tilt; separate pavement, small size, large settlement area; cement more than soil area, cement blocks absorb and evaporate grass water, the cement block vomit alkaline to make grass easy to rot.

Plastic grass paving grid: high strength, good stability; overall pavement, large area, small settlement area; 95% of soil area, easy to hold water, no acid-base, plants growth lushly.

Compare between Cement parking lot and Green parking lot

Cement parking lot: high compressive strength, but the drainage performance is bad, it will increase stagnation in the city. When the car passes, it will cause huge noisy and a large amount of dust. The cement ground will reflect light, is not conducive to traffic safety. Easy to crack when it freezes and the maintenance cost is high.

Green parking lot: high compressive strength and the drainage performance is better than cement parking lot. It has permeability, high water culvert. Will not cause any noise but absorb noise. When the car passes, it will not cause dust and in contrast can absorb dust. Perfect greening and absorb sunlight. Good frost resistance and easy with low cost.


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