01 Dec 2015

World Like A Racecourse That Needs China As A Ground Grids

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A qualified racecourse needs solid ground grid to support. World like a racetrack that needs China as a durable ground reinforcement grids.

On November 20, President of the China Minsheng Bank Institute Huang Jianhui attending the eleventh annual meeting of China’s securities market, then he forecast that “China’s per capita GDP 2013 there were only 17.6% of the United States, expected in 2020 China’s per capita GDP will reach the world average and close to the threshold for high-income countries, representing 23% of the United States. Around 2025, China’s economy is expected to surpass the United States to catch up with Italy, Spain, South Korea, etc. Which are the level of moderately developed countries.”

Sustained and rapid economic development in recent years in China, has brought enormous benefits to the world economy as a whole situation. Just like the functions of ground gravel grid for racecourse:
1. The tread layer remains separate from the substructure
2. Minimal maintenance
3. High degree of elasticity
4. Equal load on all joints
5. Outstanding drainage
6. More than 200 elastic elements per m2
7. Environmentally friendly
8. Minimal hoof impact marks
9. Patented safety locking system
10. Permanent drainage
11. Withstands frost and UV light
12. All-weather areas, the ideal surface all year round
13. Makes caring for the horses easier

Nevertheless, only differentiate through the quality under the same effect that the service life period of ground plastic grid system. In a similar way, we want to know that will China maintain the speed of development as forecast? Let’s rub our eyes and wait what happens!


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