02 Aug 2016

You won’t Miss the Hanging Gardens

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Green roofs according to different requirements are varied. There are common household green roofs at several forms by using drainage board system.

1, flower type is the most common form of the roof of a small platform is to use as a roof terrace planted potted then place reasonable arrangement to form a small garden. If the area is relatively small platform can be used for flower form a laminated space can have a small garden air.drainage systems (3)

2, water, drainage systems and load-bearing structure of the flower bed type are better if the roof deck can be built lighter flower beds on the roof. Flower beds form and depth according to the specific circumstances selection of dwarf plants, shallow root system of plants such as herbaceous flowers such as geranium, begonia bulbs, hyacinths, tulips, chrysanthemum beefy, calendula, carnation, sage, nasturtium , Impatiens, cockscomb, dahlia, whole fish grass, daisies, kale, aster, amaranth, mimosa, Mirabilis, poppy, Canna, lily, iris, peony, orchids, onions.

3, lawn-lay turf into blocks on a platform only some flowers dotted the lawn corner. Common grass common velvet grass, wood sorrel, saxifrage and so on.drainage systems (4)

4, several strains of scaffolding type planting vines such as grapes, ivy ocean, Niao dill, morning glory, honeysuckle, wisteria, wood, etc. Peak constitute one or more shade can cover the hot summer tables and chairs placed under the sun canopy is a very cool place to rest flowers can also be placed below.

5, fruit and vegetable vine type type of fruit trees and vegetables can be potted scaffolding can be cultivated. Dwarf varieties of apples, kumquat, peach, kiwi, strawberries, etc., cucumber, gourd, lentils, tomato, green pepper, onion and so on. Vines such as ivy ocean, Niao dill, morning glory, wisteria, Peak, rose vine, honeysuckle, evergreen Mucuna like. Green Roofs green roof garden pay particular attention to consider architectural, structural, water and electricity to pay attention to the relationship between roof waterproofing, root barrier, build drainage technical problemsdrainage systems (1)

Artificial soil layer generally have a roof garden waterproof layer, a filter layer, filter, coarse gravel soil and planting soil five. Waterproof layer drainage system design and installation is very important will directly affect the waterproofing. The thickness of the soil layer should be chosen according to different plants vary. Like lawns need at least 10 cm of soil cultivation and general  flowers, bushes to 20-30 cm If small trees to be in class at least 40-50 cm. Roof garden must first solve the water problem. At present the domestic market and cheap waterproof material waterproof layer everywhere should be able to withstand high-intensity general impact and friction. While strengthening the utilization of water resources green water to reduce the impact on the lives of residents improve environmental and ecological benefits. For example, sodium pavilion structure unilateral umbrella hammock swing chair patio chairs, umbrellas available wood or aluminum frame to produce weight.

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