22 Feb 2021

Introduction of Wall Greening

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Wall greening, as a way of three-dimensional greening, refers to vertical greening on building walls by people using vegetation decoration materials.

Introduction of Wall Greening

With the increasing development of economy and technology, wall greening is no longer a simple planting of climbing plants such as creeper on the wall to green and beautify the building wall. Through the innovation of planting carriers, watering technology, effects, etc. , Can develop a variety of wall greening application forms.

Introduction of Wall Greening

Wall greening, a vibrant green wall, not only occupies a small area, but also can green and beautify the environment, reduce noise, purify the air, maintain carbon and oxygen balance, adjust the temperature and humidity of the building environment, and reduce the use of building air conditioning. Building energy consumption, so more and more popular with the public.

Wall greening is the beginning of the of a new urban pattern, and vertical greening is established in a three-dimensional space. Three-dimensional greening allows various buildings in the city to be immersed in a green ocean 360 degrees, giving urban buildings a new decoration. There are various forms of wall greening, focusing on integrating with the surrounding environment to create a green life.

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