28 Oct 2017

What problems should we pay attention to in the construction

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What problems should we pay attention to in the construction of rainwater harvesting project?

Sponge city policy makes rainwater harvest become a popular industrial, construction of rainwater harvesting system is also springing up everywhere, so what problems should we pay attention to in the construction of rainwater harvesting project?

 1, Pre-planning and Design of Rainwater Harvesting Project

(1) Determination of the use and water consumption of collect water

Before construction, we need to determine the use and water consumption, in accordance with application of rainwater to adjust structure of whole rainwater harvesting system. Such as when collected rainwater only reuse for irrigating grassland, then simple disinfection and filtration for water treatment is fine; Otherwise if collected rainwater is reuse for landscape or daily life, because of the higher requirement of water quality, so need to add other filtering device in rainwater collection system.

The determination of water consumption is also crucial to rainwater harvesting projects, the amount of rainwater collected in rainwater collection system is determined by water consumption, the excessive amount of rainwater collected will not only cause water quality problems, but also cause waste of water resources.

(2) Determination of the location of rainwater harvesting system

     System should construction In the pipelines or network concentrated area, can collect rainwater more convenient.

 rainwater harvesting system, GS-Tanks

Diagram of Rainwater Harvesting System

  2, Water Quality of Rainwater

  The quality of treated rainwater is determined according to its use, main pollutants of rainwater are CODcr and SS, they are the main control target of rainwater treatment, their index should meet the standard of following form, the rest of the index should be in line with the relevant national standards. In this form, CODcr and SS within limits of 30mg/L, mainly refers to the IV water quality from environmental quality standards for surface water GB3838-2002. Thereinto, recreational water quotes to III water quality. The limit of SS is according to waterscape index(10mg/L) from The standard of landscape water quality of city wastewater reclamation (GB/T 18921-2002). The circulating cooling water on this form is cooling water of civil buildings.

Item/Index circulating cooling water Ornamental Waterscape Recreational Waterscape landscape Wash car Street flushing Toilet flushing
CODcrmg/L,≤ 30 30 20 30 30 30 30
SSmg/L,≤ 3 10 5 10 5 10 10


  1. Rainwater Harvesting System is easy to maintenance ?

   Based on aesthetic considerations, most of rainwater harvesting system is build underground, it is hard to maintain when problem occurs, therefore, the stability of the system and whether it is easy to maintain is particularly important. Leiyuan GS-Tanks rainwater harvesting system have the unique back washing system is used to solve the problem of underground system not easy to maintain. The back washing system has the function of sewage discharge, can prevent system be clogged with dirt.

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