09 Feb 2020

Vertical afforest calls stereo afforest again, be to make full use of a space namely, in the place such as wall balcony windowsill roof perches to plant climbing plant, in order to increase afforest coverage rate, improve living environment

With the acceleration of the urbanization process, the issue of urban land has attracted more and more people’s attention. The common proposition at home and abroad for improving the urban ecological environment is to vigorously plant green plants in the city, return green to the city, and maximize the greening through vertical space to increase green area. Compared with the traditional plane greening, the greening of the wall has more space, making the “concrete forest” a real green natural forest, which is a leap from two-dimensional space to three-dimensional space in the concept of greening.

Whats is Modular wall greening?

According to the difference of the wall, it is divided into six forms, and the modular type is one of the long-lasting ones. Modular wall greening can be installed in the module according to the requirements of plants and patterns, and then installed for several months to form greening of various shapes and landscape effects.

The modular type has good durability and is suitable for difficult and large-scale vertical greening, especially for the wall landscape construction.

So do you know Whats is Modular wall greening now?



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