How Does Rainwater Harvesting Work?

Rainwater recycling involves collecting rainwater from a building’s roof or from any other surface, including nowadays permeable pavements and garden lawns. The rainwater then passes through a filter, which eliminates debris, and is stored in a holding tank placed either underground or the side of a building or in the loft. This saved water can.. read more →

Four Systems Achievement Green Building Rainwater Recycling Application

With the improvement of human living standards, people’s living environment requirements are also getting higher and higher, and the harmonious coexistence of people and the social environment has become the hottest topic today. Green building also become a hot topic. How green buildings make rain obediently obedient and never let us watch the sea in.. read more →

Rainwater Harvesting and Utilization – Several Method of Roof Rainwater Utilization

What is roof rainwater utilization? Roof rainwater utilization is a kind of rainwater utilization method, which uses roofs or other buildings to collect rainwater. Urbanization interferes with the natural hydrological cycle, resulting in a large loss of rainwater. It is also a remedy for the damage of natural water circulation by pouring rainwater into the.. read more →

Why grass bricks will be replaced by grass grid in the future

In urban construction, the real estate development is not only to meet people’s housing needs, but also to advocate greening and improve the green area. Although the grass can grow in the crevice and survive in the harsh environment, in city, the green lawns and parking lots paving grass bricks are often subjected to artificial.. read more →

What problems should we pay attention to in the construction

What problems should we pay attention to in the construction of rainwater harvesting project? Sponge city policy makes rainwater harvest become a popular industrial, construction of rainwater harvesting system is also springing up everywhere, so what problems should we pay attention to in the construction of rainwater harvesting project?  1, Pre-planning and Design of Rainwater Harvesting.. read more →

What can we do to reduce waterlogging?

Each region has different characteristics,rainwater utilization projects should be adapted to local conditions, In combination with local development needs, geographical features and so on, to make effective plans. Mainly based on rainwater infiltration, adopt the principle of recycling in place to recycling rainwater, finally achieve rainwater infiltration, reduce waterlogging, reach the purpose of effective use of.. read more →

What We Need When Designing a Soakaway?

On this article we try to answer the following questions: What is a soakaway exactly? What materials are required? How long should the work take? What is a Soakaway? A soakaway is a large hole dug approximately 5 meters away from the property, it is usually located under a lawn, patio or driveway. Soakways are.. read more →

Differences between PP rainwater tanks and concrete tank

The differences between PP rainwater tanks and concrete reservoir are mainly manifested in 7 aspects:material, service life, transportation, construction, duration, cost, environmental protection. Disadvantages of concrete tank 1. The construction process is complex, the process is more (formwork, tied steel bars, the pouring, the maintenance, etc.), the construction period is long.And the construction is affected.. read more →

Which Kind Of Rainwater Tank Is The Best Choice For You?

There is an existing problem to deal with if you intend to install a rainwater harvesting system. You have to make a decision before you purchase rainwater tanks: which type of tanks is best for RWH System? Here are some common types differing in material: 1. Concrete tank: it’s heavy and usually buried underground. It.. read more →

How to avoid poor quality rainwater harvesting modules?

With the development of the sponge city, the demand of underground rainwater harvesting modules is also increasing, now there are many different kinds, different quality modules in the market. Poor quality product not only easily damaged, but also cause serious problem like surface subsidence, need cost more to maintenance. Here are several points to teach.. read more →


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