Paddock grids are necessary for you and your horse

Do you worry about your dear horses getting injured when the ground is uneven and muddy? Or are you puzzled by the sticky soil in your horse paddock after the rainy days? Let paddock grids help you to solve these problems.  GSGRIDs of Leiyuan company are designed to deal with the muddy areas and make.. read more →

Why should people choose GS rainwater storage tanks?

In some areas where flooded rainwater may be one of serious problems that confuse people for a long time— how to collect it or how to utilize it? Actually, rainwater storage tanks can help them to deal with it. Rooftop rainwater storage tanks are the core part of rainwater harvesting system whose main functions are.. read more →

The necessity of building sponge city – Rainwater Harvesting Module

The sponge city means city can soaked up water like sponge. This kind of city would be able to maximize retain of rainwater. Specifically, it is provided a plurality of plots in the city district, with the construction of absorbent material, as a sponge, when the time of rainstorm, it become a water storage place.Whether.. read more →

Why is stormwater management important? Why should it be incentivized?

During a heavy rainfall, impervious surfaces such as parking lots, rooftops, and roads do not allow rainwater to be absorbed into the soil,resulting in large amounts of water traveling directly into our water ways. Storm water runoff quickly becomes contaminated with pollutants, oil, garbage,and debris which is transported directly to our watersheds. In the District.. read more →

These will determined the effect of PP Underfloor heating system

Under floor radiant heating system is referred to as the most popular way of heating, but there are have some aspects could affect the heating.     “30%is  floor, 70% is  installed” This sentence is not without reason, for the installation of under floor heating module, no matter for the appearance or after using effect,plays.. read more →

How Does GS Hoof Grid Differ From Flexible Plastic Grid?

Many owners of stud-farm are plagued by several problems. They got tired of filling holes that dug by young horses. The ground could turn muddy and wet when spring is coming. What’s more, their horse could fall during training or just take a walk. Under such a circumstance, ground stabilization grid is a great choice.. read more →

How can I know the exact void ratio of rainwater harvesting module?

Void ratio determines a rainwater harvesting module can load how much water, then how to calculate the void ratio? Check below examples, hope it will help. Given: p = m/v , p= 0.92g per cubic centimeter, m is weight, V is volume. Take 1 CBM M2016S tank as example 1 Each M2016S tank is 9.42kg, total.. read more →

The Disadvantage of Concrete Tank

1. Installation: A concrete storage tank is more complex to install, for it is too heavy to pick up, so it would need both crane and workers during installation. Under such a situation, the manpower cost would be more expensive. While our underground tank is made of 100% recyclable PP which is a high strength.. read more →

Five reasons to choose GS Paddock Grid

GSGRID’s eco-friendly ground reinforcement solutions are leading in the market, our grid has many uses, not only horse riding Arenas, but also used for parking lot, driveways, pathways, fire emergency lane and lots more all over the globe. Here are 5 reasons to choose GSGRID. 1. Low-carbon, environmental protection and recyclable GS Horse Paddock Grid.. read more →

What’s the future of Vertical Greening?

Green walls are an increasingly popular feature in gardens and many benefits of larger systems still apply: they can be fed by stored rainwater, reduce airborne particulate matter and, to a certain degree, can help insulate the building to which they are attached. Green walls are, however, not always welcomed and there are frequently objections.. read more →


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