Three Types of Green Roof

According to European standards, Green Roofs can be divided into three types: Extensive, Semi-intensive and Intensive. read more →

Think About Using ‘Drainage Plate’ on Your Roof

People are always looking for the beautiful scenery all around the world. Actually, some of the best scenery can be created on rooftops. While the roof is mainly a shelter from the wind and rain, with proper design it can be decorative too, and add ‘sparkle’ to normally drab aspects. The green roof is a.. read more →

Romanian clients visited GS company with satisfaction

Romanian clients visited China for the first time, especially to see our factory and to learn more about our production and products. One of the visitors is a landscape architect engaged in designing and installing for more than 15 years. There are over 300 suppliers in Europe, but there is great interest in importing from.. read more →

Brief Introduction of Rainwater Infiltration

Rainwater infiltration is an effective method to replenish groundwater, which becomes depleted with overuse, and recharge can be hindered or prevented by soil compaction and hard surfaces. Rainwater infiltration can also be combined with rainwater collection and use. What is Rainwater Infiltration? Allowing water to infiltrate into and percolate through the soil replenishes ground water.. read more →

Paddock Grids project in Phillippine–Equestrian center indoor & outdoor arena

Area: 2400m2 Location: Tawala Panglao Bohol in Phillippines Panglao is the southernmost town of Bohol, one of the two towns on Panglao Island, the other being Dauis. It is of historical significance in that it is where the Spaniards went after an unfortunate experience in Cebu. Today Panglao, especially its well-known Alona beach, is one.. read more →

Six Methods of Wall Greening

With the rapid increase of urban populations, tight land supply, increased heat island effects, and ecological, environmental, and other problems are increasing too. Wall Greenings hope for improving the urban ecology and environment. Engineering companies pay a lot of attention to wall greening, but at present the domestic research on it is not sufficient, and.. read more →

Emergency treatment method for stormwater harvesting reservoir construction

As stormwater collection modular is applied in large scale. We summarized some possible situations and countermeasures on site, jointly improved the construction level, finish better rainwater harvesting projects. 1.Heavy rain occurred during excavation: It’s the mostly case during the rainy season. The construction of the rainwater module is recommended in continuous sunny days, avoid rainy.. read more →

Patrick Blanc & His Vertical Garden Designs

Patrick Blanc – the botanist, creator of the vertical garden. In 2001, his first large vertical greening was completed at the Pershing Hall Hotel in Paris. Since then, Patrick Bronck has been known as the “king of vertical greening.” In 2009, his concept of vertical greening was on the annual list of the “Best 50.. read more →

Greening urban open space can help alleviate residents’ depression

Greening urban open space can help alleviate residents’ depression A US study shows that greening urban open spaces can improve the mental health of surrounding residents and alleviate negative emotions such as depression. Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania and other institutions surveyed in Philadelphia, randomly dividing 541 idle open spaces into three groups. One.. read more →

This summer take your child to learn equestrian

There are so many horse riding benefits, this summer take your child to learn equestrian! Summer vacation is coming, parents want to know how to give children a happy and meaningful summer? If you want to cultivate a child’s interest, it is better to take them to go horse riding! Intimate interaction with the cute.. read more →


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